Thank You FIRST Family #FRstrong #PGHfirst #omgrobots

Thank you all for the well wishes. Our team members and family members are physically well. The emotional scars will take a little longer. We still have two friends in the hospital, and would appreciate you sending all that FIRST energy their way.

If you haven’t seen it, here is an outstanding video uploaded by classmate Julia Drnjevich, ‘We Are FR Strong’ as a thank you to everyone for their support for Franklin Regional after the mass stabbing at the school…

‘This video is to show how much we thank everyone for supporting us and helping us get through this tough time. The song I used is “Stay With Me” which I thought was perfect for this video because everyone was able to stay strong as a community and supported each other.

We wouldn’t be able to get through this tough time without everyone’s support. Seeing all the banners made by different schools puts a smile on everyone’s face and really helps everyone get through the day.

The amount of heroism in our school is amazing and it really shows how much we care for one another. As the rest of the victims are still recovering, we continue to keep them in our prayers. We are FR Strong!’

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