Meeting with State Rep Eli Evankovich #PGHfirst

Meeting with Pennsylvania State Rep Eli Evankovich 5/23/14

Mrs. Stewart’s Room 2:45pm

Attendees: mentors and team members


Hello FRobotics!

Today was the meeting with State Rep. Eli Evankovich. We introduced him to our team and Panzer. During this meeting we discussed Mr. Evankovich’s career and he answered some questions from the team. We told him about this past season and gave him some specs on the robot. Mr. Evankovich mentioned that if, in the future, we needed help finding a workshop space he would help us. He would like to possibly attend a future local business networking event, which will be held later in the year. He also gave Casen the name of a possible sponsor. Overall this meeting was very successful.

It turns out, Rep. Evankovich is an FR Alumni.  We look forward to working with him in the future.Image

Thank you to everyone who attended.

Go FRobotics!



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