FRobotics Monday Newsletter

What’s going on this week – see calendar link on right hand side of website.

Tuesday 11/4 – ITT Tech Circuitry 3:30-4:30
Wednesday 11/5 – Social Media / Video / Writing Subteam meeting 2:30-3:30
Thursday 11/6 – ITT Tech CAD class 3:30-4:30

Save the Date
Sunday 11/16 Time TBD Mentors Meeting.
Sunday 11/16 Time TBD Workshop Setup Day. Watch for slot signups.
Wednesday 11/19, 11/22 Workshop Safety Training (pick one). Watch for slot signups.
Sunday 11/23 12-5 Steel City Robotics/Girls of Steel Workshop Day. Training.

The Tshirt order form is open. It is a google form on the right hand side of the website.

Congrats to Cam Nagg for the $250 donation from Conti Testing. Remember that checks are best, but in kind donations of things we can use (like safety gear, raw material, party food) or things we can raffle (like that awesome spa gift basket last year) are also appreciated. Examples of solicitation letters and thank you notes are on the website, under the FORMS tab.

Thanks to Dr. Cala and Mr. Behnke for taking time out of their weekend to teach us project management and LabView programming. We had a good turnout!

Training Tips of the Week:
Programmers – look at the website for LabView tutorials
New team members – look at the game rules and video from last year’s game Aerial Assist to get an idea what info will be released at Kickoff January 3rd.

Thank you notes and Outreach
Nina is circulating a Thank You note for ITT Tech. Please make sure you sign it! Also, there is a note of support being sent to Team 2260 Pengbots in Marysville, WA. Lets pay it forward and show our FIRST Family that we care.

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