Team Movie Night. “Spare Parts” in theaters January 16 #omgrobots #underwatergame

Spare Parts stars George Lopez, Jamie Lee Curtis, Marisa Tomei and Carlos Pena Vega.

Here is the trailer:

It is based on the wired story by Joshua Davis:

ABC Nightline also covered the story back in 2005:–wNk

There is also a documentary that came out last summer:

More background:

  • The movie is about a FIRST robotics team, Team 842 Falcon Robotics and HOF team.
  • All the ROVs or movie bots will built and operated by three FIRST teams, Team 39 members and alumni, Team 1726 members and alumni and current Team 842 members.
  • Team 842 credits being in FIRST robotics for two years as the reason as to why they were able to perform so well in the competition.

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