Visit from State Senator and State Representative today. #omgrobots #abovethefold

Today we were honored with a visit from two of our political representatives, Senator Don White and Representative Tim Krieger. The team officers gave them a tour of our lab, showing off robot-in-progress (WHILE NINA WAS WIRING MOTORS), handed out 3D printed logos from our new EcoCycle 3D Printer that we won with Conlon’s grant submission, and ended the day with a videotaped interview / quote / soundbite for our Chairmens’ Award video submission. Thank you so much to everyone who helped pull of this amazing show of teamwork. You should be very proud of yourselves!


A Note from Our State Senator, Don White

From: Jones, Gina
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2015 4:31 PM
Subject: FRobotics Team visit

Hi Dan ~ thank you again for the invite for Senator White to visit with the FRobotics Team today and learn more about their program and competitions.  Senator and I were thoroughly impressed with the students, the process and the teamwork which they demonstrated during our visit.  The various members took turns in explaining the background of FIRST, the competition requirements and the robot components & design.  They were very professional and well-prepared for our visit with prepared and thoughtful questions for the videotaping.

As I mentioned during our call, it made Senator’s day!  We would appreciate being informed on the details of their upcoming competition dates being held at California University, I believe in early March.  Thanks again and have a good weekend!

Gina Jones

Senator Don White – 41st District

Westmoreland County Office

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