FRobotics Workshop Training Night

Today, our team conducted our annual workshop safety training night at 7 PM at the FRobotics Workshop. This workshop training is required annually for all members in order to participate in the team’s workshop nights during the build season. We had a large turnout, with a majority of the team’s members and mentors in attendance to learn about the tools in the workshop, how to operate them, and workshop safety techniques. Experienced team members and mentors hosted individual stations, where they demonstrated their respective tool, how to operate it safely, and explained what it is used for. Stations included the soldering iron, the hacksaw, the drill press, and the sanding machine, among others. Overall, it was a very successful night, with team members getting the opportunity to get the workshop training they need and a chance to get to know and socialize with fellow team members and mentors afterward. The team is eagerly anticipating the start of the build season in two months!

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