New Member Meeting and Team Introduction

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FRC and FRobotics

  • FIRST Robotics Team 4150 “FRobotics” is Franklin Regional Senior High’s very own FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team. FIRST® (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting STEM through its four K-12 robotics competitions – FIRST Lego League Jr. (FLL Jr.), FIRST Lego League (FLL), FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), and the one our team participates in, the FIRST Robotics Competition, or FRC.
  • The students on our team learn invaluable skills by participating in FRC.
  • FRC is a real world high school robotics competition where students are given an objective to build a functioning robot that must meet specific requirements while being able to accomplish multiple tasks.  We are totally responsible to develop and manage a budget, design and build a robot, while gaining invaluable analytical and leadership skills related to engineering, software development, and business.
  • For further information on FIRST® and FRC®, check out the FRC Penultimate Manual here.
  • FRobotics is open to anyone and everyone in FRHS. No matter what you can or cannot do, you are a valuable member of the team.

Organization and Communication

  • Our team is divided into subteams, each of which do different tasks. Each subteam is essential to the functioning of FRobotics as a whole.
    • Team Support and Communications – Manages the team’s communications, public relations, branding, and administration.
      • Communication
      • Outreach
      • Relations
      • Team Development
      • Technology
      • Awards and Media/Branding
    • Robot Build and Design – Actually designs and builds the robot.
      • Build
      • Wiring
      • Programming
      • CAD
      • Safety
      • Strategy and Scouting
    • Sponsors and Finance – Gets money for us to build the robot and run the team.
      • Fundraising
      • Marketing
      • Finance

Expectations of Team Members

  • We expect that all team members are active within the team and helping out to the best of their ability.
  • We expect you to participate on the team – You signed up for it and agreed to make the time commitment.
  • We will be holding fundraising and outreach events – you will be expected to attend most if you can.
  • You will also be expected to attend at least 60% of all team meetings and/or team training sessions.
  • You must be an active member (attend meetings, workshop, training and contribute) to be allowed to attend competition.
  • However, we still believe in having fun while doing all of this!


  • We operate a Google Group for email purposes.
    • To join, send a blank email to
    • You need to check this often!
    • If you are a parent or a mentor, join the froboticsparents and froboticsmentors Google Groups!
  • We also have a Slack for other communication.
    • To join, go to (If it is not working, contact Michael Cao)
    • We send daily updates and communicate with each other using this. Check it often!
  • You need to fill out the Member Application.
    • Yes, even old members.
    • To fill it out, visit
    • This is so we have your contact information and a little more information.
  • Our team blog:
    • Check this for team updates!
    • Our team calendar is there, too.
  • Twitter/Facebook
    • Go follow them! We post about outreach and fundraising there.
    • and

Team Events and Outreach

  • Our team does a lot of fundraising events and outreach throughout the year.
  • Events that we have demoed at or participated in:
    • The Mahoning Valley Robotics Competition
      • This is an offseason robotics competition we participated in this year.
    • Franklin Regional Relay For Life
      • We usually have a team here and lead the first lap of the Relay.
    • Science Nights
      • We usually do a demo at the Science Nights.
    • Maker Faire: Pittsburgh
    • Boyce Park Movie Night
    • Paintball
      • This is more of a social event than anything else.
    • Bonfire
      • We usually have a booth at the bonfire to raise some money.
    • Corn Maze
      • This is also a team social event.
    • Library Computer Take Apart @ Murrysville Library
      • This is an example of community outreach.
    • Library Demos
      • This is also community outreach and spreading the word about FRobotics.
  • FIRST Lego League Mentors
    • We help mentor a FIRST Lego League team.

2016-2017 FRobotics Season

  • Kickoff
  • Build Season
  • Bag and Tag
  • Competition
  • Off Season

Local Coopertition

On Sunday, FRobotics collaborated with local team Quasics on the rules and strategies of FIRST Stronghold.  It was a great session, with lots of ideas freely flowing.

Thanks to Murrysville Mayer Robert Brooks for stopping by to see these exceptional students in action!



Live Stream feeds for Week1 Regionals #omgrobots @team4150

Webcast coverage of 2015 FRC Regionals

For webcast info, please go to the NASA – Robotics Alliance Project Website 

Please note: The Events being webcast are subject to change. FIRST is not responsible for the webcasts provided by other groups or providers.

For more webcast options, please visit the following websites:

District Specific Webcasts:

Visit from State Senator and State Representative today. #omgrobots #abovethefold

Today we were honored with a visit from two of our political representatives, Senator Don White and Representative Tim Krieger. The team officers gave them a tour of our lab, showing off robot-in-progress (WHILE NINA WAS WIRING MOTORS), handed out 3D printed logos from our new EcoCycle 3D Printer that we won with Conlon’s grant submission, and ended the day with a videotaped interview / quote / soundbite for our Chairmens’ Award video submission. Thank you so much to everyone who helped pull of this amazing show of teamwork. You should be very proud of yourselves!


A Note from Our State Senator, Don White

From: Jones, Gina
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2015 4:31 PM
Subject: FRobotics Team visit

Hi Dan ~ thank you again for the invite for Senator White to visit with the FRobotics Team today and learn more about their program and competitions.  Senator and I were thoroughly impressed with the students, the process and the teamwork which they demonstrated during our visit.  The various members took turns in explaining the background of FIRST, the competition requirements and the robot components & design.  They were very professional and well-prepared for our visit with prepared and thoughtful questions for the videotaping.

As I mentioned during our call, it made Senator’s day!  We would appreciate being informed on the details of their upcoming competition dates being held at California University, I believe in early March.  Thanks again and have a good weekend!

Gina Jones

Senator Don White – 41st District

Westmoreland County Office

Team Movie Night. “Spare Parts” in theaters January 16 #omgrobots #underwatergame

Spare Parts stars George Lopez, Jamie Lee Curtis, Marisa Tomei and Carlos Pena Vega.

Here is the trailer:

It is based on the wired story by Joshua Davis:

ABC Nightline also covered the story back in 2005:–wNk

There is also a documentary that came out last summer:

More background:

  • The movie is about a FIRST robotics team, Team 842 Falcon Robotics and HOF team.
  • All the ROVs or movie bots will built and operated by three FIRST teams, Team 39 members and alumni, Team 1726 members and alumni and current Team 842 members.
  • Team 842 credits being in FIRST robotics for two years as the reason as to why they were able to perform so well in the competition.

Kickoff – The most wonderful time of the year!

Kickoff – Game Reveal
9am – Noon, Saturday January 3rd
Chartiers Valley High School
50 Thoms Run Road, Bridgeville, PA
All team 4150 rookie members (first year students, mentors, active parents) are highly encouraged to attend the formal kickoff.   The team attends as a group.   Any returning FRobotics members are also welcome to attend kickoff, or watch the reveal at the Murrysville Community Library (more info forthcoming).
The plan this year (different from prior years) is:
  • Here is your carpool signup link.  Fill in this google doc: KICKOFF SPREADSHEET LINK
  • Mrs. Garda will coordinate team contingent going to kickoff. Meet at the High School front door at 7:15am.    Carpools leave at 7:30am.  Drive time is approx. 50 minutes.
  • Bring $2 for a light breakfast (cinnamon rolls, bagels, muffins) and bag lunch or money for fast food lunch.
  • The afternoon session at the kickoff is optional. Instead, we suggest you come to the Murrysville Library to begin brainstorming as a team. Bring your library card (or know your number/password) if you want to use their WiFi.
  • Full agenda here

This team is more than the sum of its parts….. #pghFIRST #omgrobots

Hundreds of emails likely flood your inboxes each and every day, but few require more that the bare minimum of your attention. This email is one of those few. 
FIRST Robotics competition has two core values, gracious professionalism and coopertition. These adages represent the lasting impact of FIRST on all of its participants. Long after you’ve torn apart the robot, the lessons you’ve learned with the team will still be with you.

Gracious Professionalism is part of the ethos of FIRST. It’s a way of doing things that encourages high-quality work, emphasizes the value of others, and respects individuals and the community. * (credit FIRST website)

Above all else, this team strives to bring out the best in each and every person we work with, in all aspects of our respective fields. I say strive because it’s a constant process; a long and arduous journey that spans over many hours and many years.

With Gracious Professionalism, fierce competition and mutual gain are not separate notions. Gracious professionals learn and compete like crazy, but treat one another with respect and kindness in the process. They avoid treating anyone like losers. No chest thumping tough talk, but no sticky-sweet platitudes either. Knowledge, competition, and empathy are comfortably blended.

With the team larger than it has ever been, we have considerably outgrown our modest roots. Growth is welcome, a change for the better, but caution must be given so that our mantras and values are not lost with that change.

In the long run, Gracious Professionalism is part of pursuing a meaningful life. One can add to society and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing one has acted with integrity and sensitivity.

Moving forward, I continue to expect that all of you to continue to show the integrity, sensitivity, and compassion that accompany being gracious professionals in everything that you do. This team is so much more than simply the sum of its parts, and that’s because of all of you. 
To those who will or have already taken this to heart, I offer a modest thank you. Your efforts do not go unappreciated.
-Conlon Novak